Thank you for playing. / Obrigado por jogar.

Instructions / Instruções

-Aim at the structures with the mouse. / Mire nas estruturas.

-Click and hold to charge the boomerang. The longer you hold the more powerful is the throw. / Segure o clique para lançar o boomerang com mais força.

-Defeat all the fruit guards before running out of boomerangs in order to succede. / Derrube todos os guardas frutas para concluir o nivel.

Don't forget to have fun ; ) / Divirta-se ;)

Credits / Creditos

-Programming / UI / Level Design - Eduardo Seitz

-Music / SFX - Michelle Lugo

-Pixel Art - loo


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Pretty fun! 

Thanks for playing =)

loved it

Thank you ;)

very nice, cute, short

Thanks for playing =)