Waterships are always represented as transportation methods or battle machines but unlikely to seem in races. How about a race against time in this little arcade game.

This is a prototype made for Kenney Game Jam 2019 using Unity and Kenney Art Assets under 15 hours.


Finish 3 laps to win the game without fliping your ship over.


[A/<-] Turn left

[D/->] Turn right

[R] - Resume from last checkpoint

[Esc] - Restarts the game

>Assets Used

  1. Kenney 3D Pirate Kit
  2. Kenney 3D Nature Kit
  3. Kenney Fonts
  4. Kenney Game Icons


  1. The game has a lot of bugs.
  2. An updated version will be released after fixed.
AuthorDev Penguin
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Arcade, ship


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Exploring the land as a sideways ship has to be my funnest experience on Itch.io so far and I'm not even joking

I know it wasn't an intended mechanic but it was really fun

I'm upright now

I wish there there a full game of this kind of thing

I'm so confused. My ship wasn't following my directions, and then went along fine for a bit, then fell over and starting glitching all over the place!

The development was a bit rushed =(. I will get it fixed when I have time and also implement the features that I wanted in the first place such as AI. 

Thanks for playing ;)